Altunkaya Group

Altunkaya Group of Companies is a giant business enterprise operating in many areas and having its headquarters in Gaziantep. It represents Turkey in foreign markets in many fields from food sector to the beverage industry, health and the cleaning industry to agriculture and livestock sector.
Having employees close to two thousand, Altunkaya Group of Companies add value to Turkey since 1980 and is constantly evolving to grow.
Performing the majority of its activities in export channels, Altunkaya Group of Companies is engaged in sales to more than fifty countries and contributes to the national economy.
While most of its own brands are the market leader especially in the Middle East market, Altunkaya Group of Companies has become one of Turkey’s most important and reliable representatives in these countries.
Altunkaya Group of Companies is a global enterprise. Indeed, as well as its tea plants in Sri Lanka and Iraq with milk powder and natural liquid beverage production facilities in Dubai it makes mention of its name is to be commended in foreign markets.
Continuing its investments also in the agricultural and livestock sector, Altunkaya Group of Companies is increasing its weight in foreign markets day by day.